An Ideal Checklist for Your Safety Plan

Know What to Take When You Leave Your Abuser

If you get the courage to leave your abuser, it's important that you take everything you need so you don't have to return to a violent situation.
Use this checklist as part of your safety plan so you can take what you need without having to look back.

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Identification Checklist

  • Driver's license
  • Children's birth certificates
  • Your birth certificate
  • Social security cards for you and your children

Financial Checklist

  • Money and / or credit cards
  • Bank books
  • Checkbook

Checklist of Legal Papers

  • Your protective order
  • Lease, rental agreement, house deed
  • Car registration and insurance papers
  • Health and life insurance papers
  • Medical records for you and your children
  • Work permits, Green Card and VISA
  • Passport
  • Divorce papers
  • Custody papers

Checklist You Need for Your Children

  • School records

Other Checklist Items

  • House and car keys
  • Medications
  • Jewelry
  • Address book
  • Phone card
  • Pictures of you and your children
  • Children's small toys
  • Toiletries and diapers
  • Change of clothes for you and your children
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